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Coach Class Brides

After a smelly flight in Arabia Airlines from Manama to Alex through Doha, where poor Anis suffered approximately 3 hours next to a guy whose talent was to reproduce the original scent of gutter with his armpits, we finally arrived at 11pm. The Alexandria International Airport looks like a roadside bus terminal. Seriously, they could really use a new airport, judging from the number of real estate developments and high risers and super hotels in the area, you'd think they'd have a slightly bigger airport. Not really.The most important travel tip about the Alexandria Airport is, when arriving there, once you are out of the plane, run to passport check. There's only one counter and Egyptians are not really famous for being organized and polite. People will be elbowing each other to get ahead. You either run to be first in line, or chill and wait until everyone does. One thing you can do to pass time is change your money at the exchange counter. Because if you wait to do it after you go through customs, you will have to wait for the exchange guy to come back from the counter before passport check. He works both counters. The duty free shop is cute, like a big dime store in Paraguay. I'm serious. You can buy aluminium pots and pans, counterfeit barbies and little tins of Nivea cream, all in the same place. And I saw some guy get busted for drugs, right in front of me.

I love recreational slumming.


About 20 days later, when we were coming back to Bahrain, I met these two pretty brides at the Alexandria airport and they kindly let me take their picture together, although it was the first time they met. Both were flying to Kuwait to meet their new husbands. I thought it was cute and bizarre that they would fly so early in the morning and arrive already in their wedding gowns, jewelry and make-up. Unfortunately I don't speak arabic, so I didn't get a chance to talk to them more. But while Anis checked our luggage and got the boarding passes, I watched the brides say goodbye to their families, cry a little, listen to( what i think it was )advice, buy juice and water at the duty free, and sit on opposite sides of the hall and peek at each other from time to time. Some ladies would walk up to them and say mabrook. I did too, and asked if i could take their picture together.
The bride on the right walked with me towards the other, sat and I took their picture. They didn't really talk to each other, though.
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