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My Life Movie. Poster and OST- meme

This is actually 2 very popular memes combined. It’s the “your first album cover” meme and the “my life OST” meme. By now you can tell i am procrastinating on things like completing my paintings, planning today’s iftar menu, reading and writing notes on my current reading list... and finishing my client’s documentation work. Not to mention general daily housekeeping.

Well, let’s work on this combined meme then, because it will be awesome, i promise , I know it will.

First you get the title of your film from a
random movie title generator. Get your movie tagline (that catchy line that makes people WANT to see the movie) from the last 6 words of the last quotation (i just used the whole sentence myself because i thought it sounded good) on a random quotes page. And finally, get your album cover art from your favorite photo on a page of random photos from Flickr. ( Don’t forget to write the photographer’s credit on your post). Make your movie poster. This is mine:

my film poster
( the photo came up on flickr random images and is from integrity_of_light’s photostream)

And for the soundtrack- open your desired mp3 player app. put it on shuffle and match with the given “time frame” of the movie. Then copy the cues from this, and post it on your blog with your shuffled songs.
This is my soundtrack:
Proselytizing a Fuzzy Bunny OST
opening credits: I wanna be your dog - Emilie Simon
introducing your character: Sweetly - Andrew Bird
introducing your best friend(s) for funny subplot: Mr Spaceman - The Byrds
your future love interest character introduction scene: Sunday Arak - Balkan Beat Box
falling in love: Superstar - Sonic Youth
introducing your antagonist: Taratata - Mano Negra & Noir Desir
the plot thickens: No Time Soon - Gnarls Barkley
finally getting into the main plot: Mano Negra Mala Vida - Manu Chao
a meaningful dialogue: Fade to Grey - Nouvelle Vague
time lapse: Habibi Min Zaman - Balkan BEat Box
small colorful conflict: Tell Her Tonight - Franz Ferdinand
a moment of weakness: Le Desert - Emilie Simon
your antagonist gets the best of you: Frenchy, I’m Faking - Architecture in Helsinki
funny subplot character(s) do their bit: The Volcano Song - Budos Band
flashback: No one gets left behind - Devotchka
final conflict: Bublitschki - Gogol Bordello
your antagonist gets what he/she deserves: Night of the Dancing Flame - Roisin Murphy
getting back together with love interest: God Only Knows - The Beach Boys
funny subplot resolution: Supersonic Rocket Ship - The Kinks
good triumphs over evil: Top of the World - Shonen Knife
Closing Credits : Still Crazy after all these years - Paul Simon
I tag the following blogs for this meme:
Humanette, abundant creature, the absence of abcess, lovetodaydream and YOU. Feel free to tag yourself and post this meme on your blog, whoever you are....

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