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We meant to go to Nino since it opened in A'Ali Mall, but somehow always ended up at the cafe at THE ONE. But this time we were determined, and after a day of intense shopping for linen napkins and japanese raku bowls, we decided it was time to try it out. The place looks beautiful. I'd easily live there, and as we were seated, Anis and I began the mental conversion of this place into our new home. We re-positioned windows and decided where the master bedroom would be. When the bread basket came, we asked the waiter if it was possible to change the music for something more chill-out. There music playing was way too doosh-doosh clubby for eating. The waiter said "no problem" and we set on to enjoy one of the best selection of breads we had ever tasted. Proper ciabatta, with and without olives, some dense whole grain rolls that tasted like heaven, rye with a crispy crust and perfectly soft dough...the whole basket was yummy, and we don't blame the waiter for not letting us know where the bread came from...I'd keep it a secret too. What we do blame the waiter for was his - or whoever was in charge of dj-ing - poor poor taste in music. After the doosh-doosh, i guess after our request, the music changed for worse, some sort of poppy ballad compilation, which included that yucky " You're beautiful" that we're all tired of listening to on easy fms worldwide...So that's what they think chill out is, but I digress. On to the food. I ordered tagliatelli with chicken, sundried tomatoes and fresh herbs. Anis ordered a steak. Chicken pasta was ok but i can make a better one at home with the same ingredients. Anis' steak was never delivered. While my pasta went cold, we asked several waiters about the steak. Some 15 minutes later, I had finished my pasta and the last waiter we asked came back to tell us that the order for the steak had never been placed. Not cool. We asked for the bill, paid it, and stole the salt and pepper shakers just to spite them.
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