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Faking Capeletti

Last week I made capeletti. I didn't feel like making pasta dough but had wonton squares in the fridge, so this is what i used. Worked like a charm. I highly reccomend it.

Semana passada eu fiz capeletti em casa. Eu estava com preguiça de fazer a massa em casa, mas tinha quadradinhos de massa para wonton na geladeira, então resolvi usar. Funcionou lindamente. Recomendo.

Here's the recipe for the filling:
Abaixo, a receita do recheio:

1 cup oven roasted pumpkin cubes ( i had them frozen, just nuked for 3 minutes on "defrost"), mashed
1 xicara de cubos de abóbora assada até ficar molinha, em forno bem quente, e amassada com um garfo.
1/2 cup finely crumbled goat's milk ricotta ( the low fat, almost dry type, comes in a block)
1/2 xic de ricota de leite de cabra, amassada
2 tbsp grated pecorino cheese ( i'm sure parmesan would be ok too)
2 col (de sopa ) de pecorino ralado ( parmesão tbem funciona)
about 1 tsp orange zest
+ou - 1 col (de cha) de raspas de laranja
1/4 cup walnuts, coarsely chopped
1/4 xic de nozes, picadas grosseiramente
about 3 tbsp finely chopped onion
(+ou- 3 col (de sopa) de cebola picada miudinha
2 tbsp olive oil
2 col (sopa) de azeite de oliva
1 egg, yolk and white separated
1 ovo, clara e gema separadas
dried thyme
tomilho seco
dried sage
sálvia seca
fresh parsley ( about 3 tbsp, chopped)
salsinha fresca
salt and black pepper
sal e pimenta do reino

heat the olive oil in a pan, add onions, a tiny bit of sage and a good pinch of thyme. When onions are golden brown, remove from heat. with a fork, mash ricotta, pumpkin and onions together. Mix in egg yolk. Add parmesan, orange zest, and a chopped parsley. season with salt and pepper.
frite a cebola , uma folhinha de salvia picada e uma pitada generosa de tomilho , no azeite de oliva. Quando a cebola estiver douradinha, tire a frigideira do fogo. Numa tigela, amasse a ricota, a cebola a gema, e a abobora, misturando bem. Adicione o pecorino, as raspas de laranja e a salsinha picada. Tempere com sal e pimenta.

Take the wonton wrappers from the fridge and fill them like this:
Recheie assim:

1. put one teaspoon of filling in the middle of wrapper.
2. brush edges with a little eggwhite and fold diagonally in a triangle. set aside and make more triangles, in the meantime the eggwhite will dry, making the triangle edges stick together better.
3. push bottom of triangle ( the side touching the filling) a tiny bit in, to accomodate filling and make it easier to fold.
4. cross bottom triangle tips, sticking them together with a dab of eggwhite.
5. you've made fancy looking capeletti!

1. coloque no meio de cada quadradinho de massa uma colher de chá de recheio.
2. pincele as bordas com um pouco da clara do ovo e dobre diagonalmente, fazendo um triangulo. pincele a clara e dobre todos os quadradinhos, assim a clara seca e cola melhor as bordas.
3. empurre delicadamente a base do triangulo ( a parte onde o recheio esta), para acomodar melhor o recheio e facilitar as proximas dobras.
4. cruze as pontas laterais do triangulo, colando uma sobre a outra com uma pinceladinha de clara.
5. woohoo! você fez capelettis lindos!

Cook just before serving, in a big pot of boiling water with a pinch of salt. Put a few capeletti at a time, and remove each (with a slotted spoon) as soon as they rise to the surface. They cook in seconds.
Cozinhe em muita água fervendo, logo antes de servir. Coloque poucos de cada vez, e tire com uma escumadeira logo que eles subirem a superficie. Eles cozinham em segundos.

from the filling above, i was able to fill about 30 capeletti. because they are quite filling, we only had 8 each, topped with a simple tomato sauce ( garlic browned in olive oil, strained canned plum tomatoes, salt pepper and chopped fresh basil) and a little parmesan, we also had a green salad with them.
com a quantidade de recheio acima, eu consegui fazer uns 30 capelettis grandes. Nós comemos 8 cada um, com um molhinho ao sugo básico (alho quase dourado em azeite de oliva, uma lata de tomates passados na peneira, sal, pimenta e manjericão fresco), polvilhados com parmesão. Ah, e uma saladinha verde.

I froze the remaining 15 capeletti - open froze them first ( on a tray) then put them in a ziplock once they fully frozen.
Os outros 15 capelettis que sobraram eu congelei numa bandeja e depois de congelados guardei em um ziploc no freezer.

If we didn;t have to worry about calories, i would have served them with sage butter or a more creamy sauce...Anyway... Later in the week we had them as soup, in brodo. Very nice as well.
Se a gente não tivesse que se preocupar com calorias, eu queria ter servido esses capelettis com uma manteiga aromatizada com sálvia, ou um molhinho mais cremoso e engordativo...enfim, dias depois nós fizemos um caldo de legumes e frango e servimos os capeletti cozidos nele, “in brodo”. Bem gostoso também.

Oh, sorry i didn’t photograph them sauced and plated...we were hungry.
Ah, e desculpa eu não ter fotografado os capeletti no prato prontos para servir. Nós estavamos famintos.


Era isso o que eu fazia quando não sabia o que fazer

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Musical Salad

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Pear Olive Oil Cake

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Sweet Baklava


My friend Veridiana is visiting -- all the way from Brazil.
I took her to Saededdin, near Exhibition Rd, to try their Baklava. We brought home a tray of assorted sweets and almost overdosed on so much sugar and butter and nuts.


A Quick, Delicious Lunch

I had this jar of peeled, roasted chestnuts, that I bought to make cake. But this morning I changed my mind and decided to have them for lunch, as a side dish for the oven grilled salmon fillets. Here's the recipe (for 2):

Drizzle some sesame oil , soy sauce , lemon peel and chopped chives on salmon fillets. Grill in super hot oven until done.
In the meantime, saute 1 cup sliced celery and coarsely chopped chestnuts in a little butter. Add salt, pepper, 1/2 cup chicken stock and simmer until chestnuts are soft. Puree in food processor. Season with cinammon and cumin.
Serve with salmon fillets and a tomato chilli salad.

Egyptian Pancakes Are Yummy


As far as I know, there are only two places one can eat at the Khan El Khalili without cursing the cooks' mother or getting food poisoning. One of them is the one pictured above. They make Fathira and only fathira there, but I guarantee you it is super yummy. Fathira is like a super thin layered bread, and between each soft, paper-thin sheet of dough there are sinful amounts of butter. You eat it hot and drizzled with a choice of honey, date syrup, frosting sugar or cottage cheese. There are savoury options too, but I'd stick with the sweet.
The second place is hidden in the middle of the souq and I would probably need to get lost to find it. It;s a small, indoor cafe named after Egyptian author Naguib Mahfouz. This tiny and super clean, air conditioned cafe has a clean washroom and good shisha. It also has air conditioning and super nice waiters.
Here in Bahrain, Cairo Bakery in Adlyia makes fathira and sells it packaged and ready to eat at the supermarkets. We heat them in the oven and drizzle them with a little olive oil and date syrup. Or honey. or maple syrup.
No wonder I am gaining weight...

One less evil food

Evil foods. They make you fat, they have cellullite written all over them, they taste kinda good. Worst of all, they are somehow addictive, with all the chemicals and emulsifiers and colouring. Mayonnaise is one of them. I haven't bought a jar in years, but I could have. They stare at me from the supermarket aisle whispering " take me home, i'll make your tuna salad creamy, i'll make your
veggie dog delicious, take me, take me, i'll make your potato salad transport you to that childhood place..."


But I never do buy it. Although I must confess I did whip up some mayo at home, raw eggs and olive oil, a dot of dijon mustard and it tasted sinfully delicious. I might as well have injected it directly in my thighs, or call it cholesterol spread, but noooooo...I had to have it.

But mayo, industrialized or homemade, no more. I can get the same without all the fat. Better than the low fat versions (which are not really low fat, but 70% fat instead of 100% fat -- not much of a change).

I have seen the light. And the light was pointing to silken tofu. And it showed me that silken tofu makes a damn good substitute for Mayonnaise. All you need is a blender and a few seasonings. Here's the recipe, adjust it as you wish, then let me know if you liked it.

Super low fat sort of mayo but not really

1/2 cup silken tofu
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp soy sauce
1tsp dijon mustard
white pepper
whip it up in the blender...you got mayo!
For Aioli, add a couple of roasted garlic cloves and a bit of finely chopped parsley before blending.
For tartare sauce, mix in some chopped onions, sweet and sour cucumber slices (chopped), bits of green pepper, and some parsley.
Lasts 3 days in the fridge, but you can always whip up some more!
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