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Getting Fresh in Athens

It was the night before Eid holidays, and we had 5 days off. So around 10 pm Anis says “ Let’s go somewhere”. And we frantically search for holidays online, until we decide to go to....Greece! We managed to buy tickets and book a hotel before 1am and the next morning we were off...

Athens Book:turkey - 01

It was great how right outside our hotel we could see the contrast of old and new . Speaking of hotels, we first checked in at the Fresh Hotel. It’s cute, it’s cool, it’s overdesigned and the rooms are tiny.


Anis prepares to jump over the bed so he can get to the bathroom. Seriously.


He locked me out in the balcony so there would be space for him to change in the room. Seriously.

Breakfast was great though. And we heard the pool bar is also great in Summer, but this is Winter, people.
So we moved to the Baby Grand Athena, one block away. Much better, for the same price.

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